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We hold a total of 10 sewage treatment machine patents, design rights, and utility models, including stepwise screens, that is water treatment equipment existing only in Korea.

Stepwise screen is a fine screen that filters out contaminants contained in municipal sewage and various wastewater.

Fine screen refers to a small filter device with a fine scale. And our stepwise screen does not clog the gap under any operating conditions and has an automatic cleaning function.

Currently, patents have been registered in the United States, Germany, and Japan, as well as in Korea.

Our stepwise screen has been supplied and operated to about 300 domestic and overseas sewage treatment plants.

We have 23 employees and 5 doctoral-level R&D personnel including an affiliated research institute.

In 1997, we developed water treatment equipment with our own technology and have been supplying it to sewage treatment plants in about 300 cities nationwide, including Busan Metropolitan city, Korea Water Resources Corporation, and large construction companies.

Our company has established in 2009, having equipped with facilities to manufacture water treatment equipment with various functions in a plant of 3630㎡ in Gimhae Techno Valley.