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Our stepwise screen is a detailed screen that filters out contaminants contained in urban sewage and various wastewater, that is, large foreign substances such as plastics and cans, as well as small and fine foreign substances such as hair and straw and its gap is not clogged under any operating conditions and it has an automatic cleaning function, therefore patent has been registered in the US, Japan, and Germany as well as in Korea.

Daeseung Engineering has set a sales target of 12 billion won this year, and we are striving to reach 30 billion won in sales within five years.

We predict that there are possibilities in Korea to grow through leading technology development as water treatment-related markets has not yet been established completely.

And we are not trying to settle but always thinking about the development to make better products and advanced technologies, and we are optimistic that one day, we will become a global company in the near future.