Produced Products

Produced Products

  • Power Linked Chain Rubbish Remover

    Power Linked Chain Rubbish RemoverLinked Rubbish Remover for Drain Pump Station of Sewage/Wastewater Treatment Facility

    Certificate of Performance : No. 25-151Letter Patent : No. 10-15594499

    Free Vertical Rotation by Weight of Power Linked Chain
    The rakes connected to revolving Power Linked Chains scraps and lifts filtered adulteration collected by the triangular bar for discharge.
    Chain guide and vertical sprocket underwater are removed, securing safety by lifting the backside in case of load.
    Rake passes through the gaps between screen supports, showing excellent adulteration disposal efficiency.
    Variable Operation by Increase in Flux
    The tensile strength of the Power Linked Chain is excellent, it is semi-permanently usable, and the failure rate is low.
    The tension of the linked chain is automatically controlled, allowing 90° installment of the screen and low power consumption.
    Maintenance convenience is excellent
  • Stepscreen


    Certificate of Performance : No.25-125Letter Patent : No.10-1167841

    Step screen is composed of multiple fixed plates installed in steps and eccentrically rotating mobile plates
    Mobile grid plates are placed between the fixed plates, composing two filters (fixed plates and eccentrically rotating motion).
    The filter eccentrically rotating depending on the operation the top driving part eccentrically rotates between the fixed plate filters, transporting adulterations on the grid plates above by one step for discharge.
    The longer the filter is suspended, the adulteration piles on each other, coagulating and creating a mesh that filters adulteration even finer than the gap of the filter.
  • General Adulteration Removal Equipment

    General Adulteration Removal EquipmentLinked Rubbish Remover for Drain Pump Station of Sewage/Wastewater Treatment Facility

    Certificate of Performance : Gyeongnam20170343-1-01Letter Patent : No.10-1648580

    This is an all-in-one device that removes solid bodies and sand at the same time, and it can be installed in a small space.
    Adulteration huge in size is first removed on the large adulteration remover.
    Fine adulteration that went through the large adulteration remover
    Sewage and wastewater that passed through the first and second filters are settled in the purifying tanks, removing settled adulteration and sediments.
    The System that dehydrates settled adulteration for the discharge to the exterior.
    Made with stainless steel, it’s firm and corrosion-proof.
    The device is equipped with various features for safe operation and automatic operation.
    With double treating with adulteration dehydration, and washing and dehydration of sand the efficiency of the second treatment is increased.
    Using the exclusive device for sand separation not only increases the treatment efficiency but also contributes to recycling.
  • 고도산화공정을 이용한 탈취장치

    Advanced Oxidiziation Processing Deodorization Equipment

    Certificate of Performance : Gyeongnam20180111-1-01Letter Patent : No.10-1999165

    Catalyst Generator of Chemical Cleaning Deodorization Equipment Using Catalyst and Micro Bubble Water (Patent Registered) 10-2019-0005850
    Micronano Bubble Oxidized Water Generator 10-2019-0029045
    Deodorization Eqiupment Using Advanced Oxidization Process 10-2019-0033574
    Chemical Cleaning Deodorization Equipment Using Catalyst Generator 10-2019-0013423
    Chemical Cleaning Deodorization Equipment Using Catalytic Oxidized Solution Generator 10-2019-0010686
    Chemical Cleaning Deodorization Equipment Furnished with Cleaning Device Using Catalyst Generator (Patent Registered) 10-2019-0013422
  • Self-Cleaning Screw Press

    Self-Cleaning Screw Press

    Letter Patent : No.10-2018-0139229

    Highly Efficient Structure via Operation Cost Reduction
    Simple structure for convenient maintenance
    Slow Operation Prevents Noise and Vibration
    Homogeneous Blending and Coagulation of Sludge and Polymer
    Micronanobubble oxidized water cleaning/odor and organic matter removal – Saving cleaning water with booster
    Self-Cleaning by Sensors
    Variable water content ratio and processing amount of cake
    Pneumatic Sludge Pressurizing Device
    Excels at deodorization due to its closed structure
    Automatic Control System Operated by Sensor
  • Multidisc Screw Press

    Multidisc Screw Press

    Product of Technical Cooperation with BENENV

    In the reacting concentration equipment, the interface of specially designed micronano bubble coagulant forms micro bubble flux with overhang sludge flew in from the bottom of the concentrator and floats to the top; floated fluxes are separated into sludge and filtrate, and filtrates are discharged for concentration.
    Concentrated sludge is transferred to the dehydration device and squeezed by the rotating screw and the filtering device that moves by the rotation of the screw.
  • Linked Chain Sludge Collector

    Linked Chain Sludge Collector

    Letter Patent : No.10-2018-0106516

    The device is burial-prevention type – the tension is automatically controlled by the sensor.
    A simple structure of linked chain allows convenient maintenance
    The lifting capacity is excellent due to its mobility
    Settled and lifted target is sprayed with cleaning water and air by the cleaning device for washout before the discharge.
    The weight of the linked chain lifts sediments for discharge
    Automated Control by Sensors
    If the sediment lifter is buried, it is automatically controlled by the sensor / It reoperates when recovered.
    Allows bogie-type movements and it is controlled by a sensor
  • Linked Chain Sediment Lifter

    Linked Chain Sediment Lifter

    Letter Patent : No.10-2019-0006162

    Sludge Suction Collector
    Sludge Collector with Upper Scum Remover
    Sludge Collector Using Linked Chain
    Low Abrasivity of the Chain
    Horizontal Sludge Suction
    Variable Suction Amount by the Amount of Sludge
    Variable Operation of Sludge Suction Pump
  • Rotating Disc Filter Condensor/Dehydrator

    Rotating Disc Filter Condensor/Dehydrator

    Letter Patent : No.10-15594499

    Rotating Disc Filter Condensor/Dehydrator is operated by the rotation of the oval disc.
    Also, the rotation of the oval disc plate induces self-cleanse of the remaining solid bodies.
  • Rotary Disc Press

    Rotary Disc Press

    Letter Patent : No.10-2019-0006162

    Simple Structure: Rotating pressure dehydrator does not require a special process for starting or suspending operation, and it is made with a small number of parts for easy operation and maintenance.
    Wide-range Treatment Capacity: Rotating Pressure Dehydrator can easily add channels, having a wide range of processing capacity
    Light and Compact Form: The main body of the dehydrator has a maximum diameter of 1,200mm, and it is lighter and smaller than the existing dehydrators.
    Closed structure: With the completely closed form, odor leakage is prevented, and odor prevention measures can be easily implemented.
    Low Power Cost: The main body operates at a low speed of 0.2~1.3 rpm; there is no vibration and noise and does not require much electric power.
  • Centrifugal Dehydrator / Condenser

    Centrifugal Dehydrator / Condenser

    Letter Patent : No.10-15594499

    The screw decanter uses centrifugal force to separate solids by automatically injecting sludge of two phases(liquid/solid bodies) and/or three phases(liquid/liquid/solid bodies) with different weights into the scroll equipped with four straight sludge slots rotating slowly in the rapidly rotating bowl.
    Solid bodies are discharged outside of the bowl using screws, and the liquids are automatically discharged by the outlet of the bowl.
  • Storage Hopper with Automatic Discharge

    Storage Hopper with Automatic Discharge

    Letter Patent : No.10-2018-0149678

    Hopper with a simple structure that automatically discharges sludge depending on the preset output
    Equipped with odor reduction device to prevent odor disperse
    Equipped with pneumatic vibration device and whisker to prevent adherence of sludge during the discharge
    Automatic Filtrate Inlet of Hopper for Leachate
    Automatic Discharge System Operation by Sensors
    • Pneumatic conveyor transfer system diagram
    • automatic discharge type dewatered cake
  • Double-Screw Dryer

    Double-Screw Dryer

    Technical Cooperation Product with BCR Inc, BIO-SCRU (Therma Flite)

    Supply Hopper: solid bodies are homogenized by paddle mixers, and a fixed quantity is supplied to the dryer by the screw conveyor.
    Heading Medium Oil: PLC control is used for the optimal heating effect. Heating uses various energy resources
    Waste Heat, Solar Heat, Bio Gas, Natural Gas, Propane, Disel, Coal, or Electricity
    Screw Dryer: Dryer chaper includes 2 interlocked HOLO-SCRU® rotators.
    Biosolids are heated under a slight negative pressure ina closed anerobic environment. Drying heat is indirect.
    Thermal oil is circulated via external jacket. It is circulated via the external jacket of HOLO-SCRU® rotator and dryer
    Scrubber / Freezer: The freezing system continuously removes moisture evaporated from biosolids. This process removes particles and condenses evaporated water. At this time, waste heat is retrieved.
    Freezing screw: Water-cooling screw rotator and jacket housing is conjoined to cool dried solids.
    • Three-stage Double Screw Dryer Screw Structure Diagram
    • Double Screw Single-stage Dryer Processing Process Diagram
    Double screw two-stage dryer process diagram
  • Rotary Rubbish Remover

    Rotary Rubbish Remover

    Letter Patent : No.10-2019-0006162

    Role of transporting collected adulterations.
    Quantity-Dependent Speed Control of Rake
    Maintaining Uniform Tension with Take-Up Device to Prevent Chain Dislocation
    Fine Screen point
    Underwater Chain Guide and Vertical Sprocket Low Failure Rate Due to Removal Operation
    Low Failure Rate for It is Ultrafine Screen
    Automatic Control with Automatic Tension Controller
    • Fine Screen
    • Fine Screen
  • Microbubble Flotation Tank

    Microbubble Flotation Tank

    • General Filter
    • Drum Screen
    • Ultraviolet Sterilizer


    • Screw Conveyor
    • Belt Conveyor